College Athletes and Their Compensation

Ever since Northeastern lit up the news with the groundbreaking legislation that proposed the student athletes would be able to unionize. After this, the debate started again. Elizabeth Clemente, Brielle Basso, Oluwa Falodun and I complied stories and information that would clear up the story a bit.

First, we get the story from the point of view of Leslie Jackman, a college athlete who can give first hand accounts, due to his background and his current situation.

Long Island Football Player Dreams of Joining NFL

A lot of people daydream of what it’s like to be a professional athlete, someone who is able to perform feats of strength and speed that the average person could not fathom. Leslie Jackman is that kind of athlete. Born and raised on Long Island, Jackman has always been at the peak of competition on every level. “Football is just something I’ve always loved and held very dear,” says Jackman. “It taught me the importance of putting everything you can give in to something you love. I can point back to football with just about anything good that either I represent or anything good I’ve ever done.”

Leslie Jackman attended Freeport High School. He was an All-Long Island recipient, an award to recognize the best football player in the region. He helped lead his team to a Long Island championship. “Just from the way he played in high school, you can tell how much he loved the game,” said Natalie, his sister. “If they lost, his entire personality changed… His face dropped.”

Leslie Jackman chose to attend Rutgers University, where he played for three out of his four years of college (scouting report). While attending and playing football at Rutgers, Jackman was roommates with Ray Rice, the running back for the Baltimore Ravens, one of the best RBs in the NFL. “Rutgers was surreal. Even though I didn’t play a lot, I got to see other elite players and how hard they worked,” said Jackman. “Watching Ray work, that really blew me away. He’s a different beast.” Jackman says that nothing helped his athletic prowess more than practicing with NFL caliber players. It became clear to Jackman that college players were worth a lot of money, even in the span of seconds, as seen with Aaron Harrison’s shot in the NCAA tournament (Forbes).

Leslie Jackman transferred in his senior year to Hofstra University, where he started in each of the 12 games he played. Jackman says, “Hofstra ended up being more of a home to me than Rutgers, I felt more in the spotlight, more welcomed…I think athletics at the college level improved my skill. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into the game, literally, it’s a full-time job on top of school. There should be some pay-out for that.” Today Leslie Jackman is working with professional trainers to prepare for NFL tryouts.

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Bring Back Our Girls

The world has been captivated with the issue of the 200 Nigerian girls who have been kidnapped by an Extremist Islamist group, led by Boko Haram. Politicians and governments have been all giving their insights and ideas to what should be done, and with the US considering action, the tide seems to be turning. However, nothing immediately has changed, besides some negotiations. I ask some students about their opinions on the matter.

Nike Steps Into High Fashion



The sign that greets you as you enter the pop-up store for the Nike and Ricardo Tisci event

Nike has always, and for the foreseeable future, will be seen as the uncontested juggernaut of athletic gear. From Air Jordans, to Lebrons, to their sponsorship of the NFL and various national soccer teams, Nike has a fierce grip on the athletic world. According to Forbes, Nike has a 98% market share of the basketball sneaker world. No one in their right mind would argue against their supremacy, but the one facet in which Nike wasn’t supreme was the more fashion minded individuals.


A view of the showroom, with the Nike x Tisci Mid’s in the forefront


Ricardo Tisci is the creative designer for Givenchy, one of the most popular high fashion brands in the world. When it was revealed that he would be collaborating with Nike, the hype began building up for the release.


A look at the display, along with some of the crowd

“This collaboration has been a long time coming for Nike,” says Remi Adegbola, a Nike employee. “They’ve been flirting with this kinda thing for a while, with the Kanye stuff [referring to the Air Yeezy, a Nike and Kanye West shoe], but now they’re fully into it.”

“You can really tell a lot of design influence went into the shoe, and people have been on line for days to buy these sneakers,” contributed Jamal Little, another Nike employee.

An event was held to celebrate and showcase the collaboration at 151 Wooster St., ongoing for only two days. March 21st and 22nd, people swarmed the store, trying to ensure themselves a pair.


The Ricardo TIsci x Nike Air Force One Hi’s

Talking to people in the crowd made it evident how much the shoes were anticipated. “I gotta get three pairs, one to wear, one to flip [resell], and one to keep on ice,” said James Fitzpatrick, a young teenager waiting patiently on line.
“The Tisci stuff is really dope. Nike got one of the best designers in the game right now,” piked in John Lyon, another person waiting in line.

In short, there was no question that Nike has been elevating their craft as far as the markets they’re reaching to. With this release, it seems that Nike is poised to enter the fashion world with a full head of steam.


Empty shot of some of the displays

The Story of Why You Never Get Any Homework Done


For most of the high school and college careers of the current generation, homework and studying basically comprises of watching the entire series of Breaking Bad, clutching a pint of ice cream to your chest as if it was your last hope to be alive. Although the company started out with a decent startup fund, it was nowhere close to the behemoth it is now.

If You Aren’t Dutch, Don’t Even Think About Trying To Speed Skate

Have you ever had Olympic aspirations? Have you ever closed your eyes and envisioned yourself surrounded by an applauding crowd, being given an Olympic gold medal for speed skating? Well, to put it lightly, you will never fulfill your dreams and that will never happen (unless you are Dutch, of course. Then, by all means)

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Richard Sherman Is A Bad, Bad Man (In A Good Way)



     If you didn’t know who Richard Sherman was before the NFC Championship, his post game antics ensured you would know his name by the end of the night. Even the most uninvolved social networker was soon engulfed in a rush of news regarding the star cornerback of the Seattle Seahawks. Following an outstanding performance, capped with a game winning defensive play sending the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, Richard Sherman exploded in a post-game interview, sending social media into an all out upheaval about Sherman’s behavior and overall demeanor regarding the outcome of the game.

     Although Sherman received a mountain of criticism for his actions, he played incredibly well in both the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl. Although he was injured late in the game, his presence was definitely felt among Denver’s offense, evidenced by their pathetic showing.


     Quotes like Don’t you open your mouth about the best! Or Imma shut it for you real quick!” or “When you try me like a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gon’ get!” (Referring to the player Sherman made the game clinching play on)

     While his play no doubt allowed for some bragging rights, many critics thought his remarks overshadowed the victory, and made Sherman seem barbaric, immodest, and uneducated. Personally, I believe Sherman was totally in the right. While obviously he could have acted with a bit more tact, he is in the end, a football player. The culture of football is a severely competitive one, with any possible way to get into your opponents’ heads will be used. 

His outburst had widespread effects, as noted by Mark Godbolt, former college football player and current Nike Football Lead, which means he works exclusively with the football side of Nike.

“I love trash talking and I feel that it brings an added element to any game, for both parties,” Godbolt said. “My only problem was the fact that at the time, he totally disregarded his team. His team spent the majority of the week defending him…” 

That sentiment was echoed by the few supporters of Sherman at the time, most of whom were professional athletes. Those who have participated in the ferocity of team sports understood what he did, yet were disappointed in his decision to put himself in the limelight. 

“Sherman proved that he is an elite CB in the NFL,” said Leslie Jackman, also a former college and professional cornerback. “His comments after the Niners game were a bit aggressive towards Crabtree, but trash talking & boasting is a part of the NFL culture… The interview with Sherman was a few minutes after the game and he was speaking what he felt at the moment. He later apologized for his words.”

Anyone who watched the Super Bowl knows what happened with this situation. While Richard Sherman was injured at the end of the game, he and the other defensive players absolutely annihilated the Denver offense, who were number 1 in the league coming into the game. Sherman backed up his big talk, but has set a clear reputation and precedent ahead of himself for future games; he’s gonna tell you he’s better than you, and then prove it.